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What We've Done: Christmas Ornament

Our customer came to us with a request to give something unique to the members of their team for Christmas this year. They wanted to be able to ship the gift to each of their homes. They wanted it to be something festive but also useful, and at the same time tie in the ministry website and the year (2022).

Last year we looked at doing custom ornaments, but the options that they liked would be too pricey to produce in time (with rush production fees and expedited shipping). This year, the customer started on this project in September to get a head start on the holiday season! We always encourage our customers to allot plenty of time (ideally 4 weeks+) to plan for their projects. This way, we have time to do design options, send samples and not have to pay additional fee’s for rush services.

We decided to create a totally custom Christmas Tree ornament. And because this customer (is incredible) and knows that projects like this take time, she started the request in September. This gave us plenty of time to really nail down the ornament - get the material perfect, the design, the size, the ribbon that attaches to the tree, where the year will go, etc. every single detail was accounted for.

We created a photodome ornament with a metal back and bright red ribbon. The design was created by the customer's graphic artist and we just used that and added a few things to do. We added the year to the design, and we all agreed it would be a nice touch to add the custom QR code printed to the metal backing.

The ornament design was complete and we were ready to get it into production!

Now, how did we want to display the gift to give it to the members?

At Brandmetix we LOVE packaging and we love making items leveled up with an extra step on the presentation. We decided to create a total custom shipping box. So that when the members receive the gift, it wouldn’t just be in a plain old box, it would be presented like the beautifully custom gift that it was!

Our designer, Jackie, created an incredible box design for the Display Shipper Box. We used this as the way to package and ship the gifts to the customers, with a little tissue paper in there, of course.

The project was a win!!


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