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Embroidery 101: Why and When to Use Embroidery for Apparel?


  • It gives your apparel a clean and professional look

  • Elevates the apparel, it is more luxurious looking than a printed logo

  • Very Durable for multiple wears and washes

  • Able to embroidery multiple colors with no additional charge (some exclusions may apply)


  • For uniforms or a clean looking company garment

  • Ideal for premium gifts and uniforms

  • Perfect for simpler or smaller logos

different embroidered logos and what they look like
embroidery logos

How to size your embroidery file?

This is something we love to help with!! We don't expect you to have a perfect answer for how large your logo should be embroidered. A good rule of thumb is:

Left chest embroidery usually = 2.5"w - 4"w

Like everything, there is a caveat to this rule! A logo that is just as wide as it is tall, will look enormous compared to a logo that is more horizontal. See below for an example:

how to size logos or embroidery
Files for embroidery

If we were to just say we want 4" wide logo, the logo on left is perfect for that size, but if we go with 4" wide for the logo on the right, it will be enormous because it is more a more of a square logo. The logo on the right will be very tall and large looking on the garment.

Making the logo too large for embroidery is problematic for a few reasons. It will cause additional stitchount, which will end up costing you more. The average left chest logo should be under 6,000 stitches, which is how we price our embroidery. We can of course go larger, but we always want to make sure logos are appropriately sized.

If the logo is too large, it will also look funny on the left chest of a shirt - almost too large, like it is a billboard! There is something to be said for having your design look appropriately sized and even something discrete.

Another downside of having the logo too large is that it will weight down the shirt. If we are embroidering on a polo or a performance fabric, those tend to be thinner material. A larger embroidery logo will cause heaviness and it can be uncomfortable against the skin.

GOOD NEWS IS - We love sizing embroidery files. We love to help provide suggestions so you don't have to figure it out on your own. After all, this is what we do all day! We have a passion for making sure design sizes fit appropriately to the garment or product.

If you want to choose the size of your logo you can certainly do that! All you have to do is print the logo on your printer in a few different sizes. Cut each logo out and lay it against a shirt that you have. This way, you can see how your specific logo or design will look on a garment. This tool is so helpful and makes it so easy to choose your own logo size! Give us that size and we will set up the embroidery file to match it.


We love working with embroidery (can you tell?) It makes a garment look so nice and clean. It makes a difference when all the small details are accounted for.

The first step to ordering embroidery is to have a game plan.

- What are the embroidered garments going to be used for?

- How many do you need to order? Keep in mind that having a back stock is a good idea in case you need one in a pinch or you have a new hire.

- What is the best style garment to order right now? Think of the season or the conditions that your employees or the recipients will be working in. If, for example, you have a construction business and you are ordering shirts for all the workers, in the middle of winter, it would be best to do long sleeves, hoodies, long sleeve work shirts, etc. and not t shirts or light weight polos.

- Quantity is determined by the LOGO - we go by quantity breaks with both embroidery and screen printing. So say you want to order 50 pieces, but all area different sizes, colors and garments - but the logo is the same, then you hit that 48 piece price break.

Our minimum for embroidery is 24, but prices get much better with quantity of 48, 72 and 144 (the magic number!)

Send us a quick message with what your project is so we can help answer any questions you may have. We have solutions for various budgets and projects, offering both luxury retail brands and cost-effective options.

We love talking though projects, send us a message - or call Alicia at 201-726-2073 so we can help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

Peep some of our recent embroidery projects below!

embroidery on hats and beanies

embroidered bag

embroidered trucker hat

two color embroidery on crew sweater

embroidery on hat

embroidery on hat


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