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FAQ: Artwork - What Logo File Do I Need For Printing?

In short, we need a vector file.

A vector file is a file that can be made as large or as small as possible without effecting the quality.

Vector files are usually files ending in:

.AI, .EPS, .SVG or .PDF

PNGs and JPEGS are not vector. Most people have these saved because they are the files you can open and view the logo without certain software.

We need the file in vector so we can print 100% clear and crisp. As you can see from image above, you wouldn't want your logo printed like the raster VS.

If you are working with a designer to set up your art files. Be sure to ask them for different versions, one must include vector. Ask them to export them as PDF so that you can also view the logo without Illustrator.

If you need assistance with getting your logo created into a vector file, please let us know. We can recreate it for you.

Send us a message if you have any art questions!


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