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How Will I Know How my Products Will Actually Turn Out?

We’ve all been there, we ordered something online and it showed up as something completely different than we expected. Or it didn’t show up until months later, or it didn’t show up at all. Dive into today's blog to learn about how we prevent these issues from happening with our proof process.

When you are buying products that are going to represent your brand or company, it’s a necessity that they are of quality and that your logo will be the exact right color, size and placement. We completely understand how important it is to follow your brand guidelines, use your brand colors and stay in line with your overall look and feel of your organization.

We first seek to understand exactly what you have in mind and what the objective is for the products. That’s why we spend so much time in the “pre-order process” working out all the details with you - the perfect product to print your logo on, the exact logo and color you wish to use, the quantity, how it’s going to be packaged, the whole sha-bang. Maybe we increase the quantity to get the cost down because you’d be able to reuse the product for another occasion. Whatever is on your mind, we work out all the small details with you in the pre-order process.

Once the details are ironed out, we get to work. We put together visual mock ups and an official proof before production begins. The official proof will give all the exact details of the project and the imprint. You will see exactly what the product will look like, and once it’s approved, we go into production.

Another thing that sets us apart from the online websites that sell branded merchandise (other than the one - on - one, personal experience and brainstorming session with you), we CONFIRM and commit to your in hand or event date. We take deadlines very seriously, and if we are not able to complete something in time, we tell you ahead of time. We work with you to ensure deadlines and expectations are always met.

Ready to get started on a project? Tell us all about what you had in mind here and let's begin the process.


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