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Apparel Imprint Size Guide

The imprint size of your logo or design is very important, especially if you want a specific look in mind. We want to make sure you have all the tools to choose the correct sizing for the logo or design.

Please see below for standard imprint sizes. We always recommend to print out your design and place it over a shirt to make sure the sizing meets your approval!

We also are happy to choose sizing for you, we just ask for your final approval before production.

*please note: every logo is different! This is just a guide, but some logos are tall and narrow, so making it 4"wide would look HUGE, when a logo that is short, like a line or 2 of text, will look great at 4" because it doesn't have a lot of height to it.

This is our suggested sizing for logos on apparel:

Imprint Area

Imprint size suggestions

Oversized Front

12"-15" wide, 14"-16" tall

Back Collar

1"-3" wide and tall

Upper Back

10"-14" wide, 1"-6" tall

Full Back

10"-14" wide, 6"-15" tall

Left Chest

2.5"-5" wide and tall

For questions on sizing apparel or questions about an upcoming project, email us:


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