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We love helping our customers with all the golf related custom merchandise they could need. Whether they are sponsoring a hole, playing in a tournament, or throwing the entire event, we are here to help with all the branded merchandise and apparel!

5 Steps to a Successful Golf Tournament & Choosing the Best Custom Products - 


1. Define Your Goals: Start by clearly identifying your marketing goals for the golf tournament. Determine what you want to achieve by sponsoring or hosting the golf tournament.

2. Understand Your Audience: Identify your target audience for the golf tournament. Consider the demographics, interests, and preferences of participants to select products that will resonate with them and enhance their experience.

3. Choose Relevant Products: Select custom products that are relevant to the golf tournament and will be useful to participants. These should be GIFTS, not just a self promotion. Consider items such as golf balls, tees, hats, towels, or umbrellas that align with the theme of the event and provide value to golfers.

4. Customize and Brand Products: Personalize the products with your logo, messaging, or event details to create a cohesive brand identity and increase brand visibility. Include a card or way to contact you for more information  on your products or services.

5. Distribute Strategically: Plan how and when to distribute the promotional products to maximize their impact. Consider giving out products as part of registration packages, prizes for contests, or gifts for participants. Encourage participants to use and showcase the products during the tournament to generate buzz and engagement.

Here are some more ideas:

Case Study!


Someone was sponsoring a golf tournament and they needed assistance in finding something re-usuable and cost-effective to give to the participants. They wanted it to be a memento from the event as well as a way to thank them for attending. 

The utility of the handy towel and the full color graphics made the


19” x 10” Opper Fiber® Golf/Sports Cleaning towel – full color

Bright vibrant full color graphics

Cleans dirt, dust, smudges from sunglasses and golf clubs

Clips on golf bag so it is always available

USA made

Machine washable

Questions on your upcoming golf tournament or sponsorship? Email us to set up a call! We would love to help suggest items, apparel and brainstorm ideas with you!


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